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Posted on 2010.05.28 at 13:13


Writer's Block: It wasn't me.

Posted on 2010.02.05 at 20:39
Did you ever do anything in your youth that you lived to regret? Do you think you ultimately learned from it or do you wish you could go back in time and do it over?

That's for me to know and postsecret to find out!


Writer's Block: Copy that

Posted on 2010.01.29 at 10:19
How do you feel about human cloning? Do you think the long-term societal impact will be positive or negative? Why?
I don't understand all the fear over cloning. The fear is it'll create a group of people without rights, but babies who currently come into existence by scientific means (ie test-tube babies, preemies spending long times developing in incubators, etc) have not had their rights challenged at all. And there is no reason to believe that cloning would change that. Now, if the nation/society doesn't value human rights at all, then clones there are vulnerable, but just in the same manner as a any other person. Overall, those societies would probably find enslaving existing populations more cost-effective than growing and raising clones for slaves.

The long-term impact will be positive. First of all, it'll allow people to procreate who probably wouldn't be able to otherwise. And just cause a child is genetically identical doesn't mean they will behave the same as the parent.

But more importantly, rather than organ farms with headless clones for transplants (which would be extremely costly and wasteful), I imagine we'll develop an ability to clone a specific organ. So instead of spending 100k and years looking for a compatible kidney and taking anti-rejection drugs for life, we could spend 25k for a lab to grow a cloned kidney in 6-12 weeks that our antibodies won't attack.

Hentai Kitty
Posted on 2010.01.02 at 19:31
This picture is wrong and should not be viewed by anyone ever. No, really, you'll never be able to look at gingerbread people the same afterwards.Collapse )


Writer's Block: Go it alone

Posted on 2009.12.10 at 00:04
Do you think society puts too much pressure on people to be in relationships and/or have children? Do you think this ostracizes people who would be perfectly content to remain single and/or child-free? Is this pressure worse around the holidays?

YES! I can't tell you the number of people, including people I've known for very short periods of time, who treat me like a freak for voluntarily choosing not to breed. They always try to bring in my wife, assuming that all women want to breed and I'm selfish for not giving into her urges. But if she wanted to breed, we never would have gotten married in the first place. Then there's the "you'll feel different when you're older," as though I'm just a child who hasn't had society pushing children and breeding in my face for my entire life. Or the "it's different when it's your own." It may be, but I'll never find out. The worst one was when I was on the table to get my vasectomy, the prep nurse was trying to talk me out of it, that I needed to have kids first.

And it is worse around the holidays for most people, because you're surrounded by family who think they have even more right to tell you what to do. One reason I don't have a lot of contact with my family is cause all they are about is breeding. And church. And lately Twilight. (they're seriously out of control with it. My sister is the one who founded that Twilight Moms group, joining two of my least favorite things.)


Writer's Block: 2012

Posted on 2009.12.05 at 16:02
If the world were going to end on December 21, 2012, how would you spend the last of your days on earth and why?

In denial, cause the only rational "end of the world" scenario is when the Old Ones awaken from their slumber and consume us.

Posted on 2009.10.25 at 11:49

gollum milkshake
Posted on 2009.09.29 at 12:53
Apparently Judge Land reads my LJ cause his order basically said the same thing that I did yesterday. Ok, maybe not. Maybe her arguments are so transparently BS that any 1L can shoot them down. Then again, I haven't taken Civ Pro or Ethics yet, so maybe basic common sense is all that's needed.

What's better is someone pointed out that her blog is chalking this up a victory cause he finally agreed to one of her motions. Oh, and she's also reiterating that this unties her hands from that pesky attorney-client privilege. Man, I hope she does divulge some personal info. Although, I don't think the bar would act without a formal complaint of her violating the privilege.

And what witnesses does she hope to call? The judge didn't address that portion of her memo. Does she think she's going to continue to argue her case against Obama? That'll be entertaining.

Sorry if she bores you but I find her entertaining. She's like a real-life example of how to not be a lawyer and why some schools are not members of the bar. She simply doesn't think her case through like a lawyer or look at her argument from the court's point of view.

Dear Crazy Lady,

4 things:

1) How old are you? You basically said "Well, since you fired me, then I quit." Yes, you probably had to file a motion to inform the court, but you don't have to make it appear that you quit. A simple "the client no longer wishes me to represent them in this matter" would suffice. I doubt the judge would hassle you at all.

2) Attorney-client privilege doesn't cease to exist when someone is no longer a client. It's ongoing, whether you're fired, quit, or move firms. There are few exceptions, like if you're being sued by your client, but only that information necessary to defend yourself in court can be revealed.

3) How the hell does waiving of your attorney-client privilege help you defend against the fine for filing numerous frivilous lawsuits and motions and using the courts to make political statements? The only issue is "do your suit and filed motions show a contempt and abuse of the court system?" Even if you did everything at your client's request, you should have known better and that's why you'll be facing fines, an inquiry, and possible discipline from the courts and bar.

4) Are you looking to get disbarred? Is this case really about your own martyrdom?

A member of whatever vast conspiracy is out to get you.

If you need a little background An article and the motion itself.

happy tachikoma

Where's his birth certificate?

Posted on 2009.09.24 at 09:57
Why hasn't he proven he was born in the US? I haven't heard of anyone come forward who witnessed his birth. His family comes from Ireland. Did the Irish sneak Biden into the US just so he could be the Vice President? If you're going to bring a baby in and fake his birth, I can't think of any place we'd ignore more than Scranton.

Come on all you birthers and prove you aren't racist! Hold Biden to the same strict standard of proving he's eligible to be Vice President.

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